Score Luxury Hotel For A Fraction Of Money In Cebu

There are more than 50 different boutique hotels in cebu and if we add surrounding areas, we can get even 100! Most of them are luxurious and perfectly focused on tourists, but some of them are also expensive. On the other hand, we have very affordable hotels, which probably cannot meet your criteria. What to do now? Actually, there are a lot of tips, tricks and wise decisions which can get you a perfect hotel deal. You will still get a luxurious room, with a great view, but you will pay way less for it. Here is what you can do.

Don’t book during a festival

Cebu actually has the highest number of festivals through a year. All of them are great when it comes to fun and adventures, but all of them have the same thing in common. During most of the festivals, prices will go up 2 times, or even 3 times than standard. This especially applies to the hotels. Even locals who offer their homes for rent will increase the price.

festival cebu

There are 6 main festivals in Cebu and a wise thing to do is not to look for a hotel while they last. They are:

  1. Sinulog Festival- It is held each year and only on the 3rd week of the first month. It is held in honor of Señor Sto. Niño. This is the most popular local festival.
  2. Bodbod- The festival is held in Catmon city on February the 10th and it is associated with the local food.
  3. Camotes Cassava Festival- Although a popular festival, it won’t significantly affect the hotel prices. It is held only on the Island of Camotes, on the 2ndf week of June, when farmers display their products.
  4. Inasal Festival- a celebration of the heritage which starts on October the 14th and lasts 2 days.
  5. Kadaugan sa Mactan- This is a week-long celebration of the history battle with the same name. It begins on 22nd April and lasts 5 days.
  6. Pasko sa Kasakit (Semana Santa sa Bantayan) – Holly week which is celebrated each year. One of the largest festivals in Cebu.


All of the festivals are a great source of fun, so seeing one of them is highly recommended. Due to higher prices, you can try to book a room before the event. By using that, most of the hotels won’t be able to increase the price of a room while the holidays. Smart!

Sinulog Festival in Cebu

  • Use price match system

Perhaps this system sounds complicated, but it is actually very simple. You will enter the location and the requirements and in return, you will get the list of hotels within the price range. All hotels will contain reviews, accommodations and everything else you will need.

The main goal here is to get the desired room as affordable as possible. In addition, there are plenty of services which offer this kind of possibility. Basically, they will compare the prices of 100 hotels in a few seconds.

  • Buy reservations from others

Many people decide and plan to come in Cebu, but due to a job or some other matters, they simply don’t have time. However, they already acquired reservations. As such, they will have to cancel them and to lose money.  Actually, you can buy reservations from them and save up to 75%.

Maybe you won’t get a precise room as you wanted, but in rare cases, you can get a suite or a large room at a low price. Make sure to look for these purchases as often as possible.

  • Get coupons

Hotels in Cebu often offer coupons which will reduce the cost of their rooms. By looking for one, you can save up to 20%. The best part is the fact you will need just a few moments of your time to get a coupon. Top tip: Usually new or redesigned hotels offer coupons.

  • Avoid choosing hotels with additional fees

Some hotels in the City of Cebu offer perfect accommodation at a low price. The secret is in additional fees. You will have to pay for Wi-Fi, parking, breakfast and etc. The situation may be even more severe if you don’t pay close attention. Always read small letters and pay attention to details.

In order to understand how important this tip is, you should know that a family can save up to $40 per day only if they get free breakfast. Due to the importance of the internet, make sure Wi-Fi is free. This is actually more than just important for remote hotels in Cebu. Expensive internet connectivity simply makes Wi-Fi more expensive.

  • Check in late at night

Obviously, this is the simplest tip of them all and it can be useful. If you try to check in during a day, hotel manager will try to give you a room at a higher price, just because they still have time to get clients who will pay for more expensive rooms. But, once the night comes, they will try to give you a room which is usually more expensive. It is better to make a lower profit than not to make it at all.

This also means that they will have a better knowledge about the rented rooms and those that are empty, so they can assist you in making better deals for mutual benefit.

  • Ex-military members and seniors

Here is the thing. Most seniors will simply forget about their age, and ex-military will do the same. As such, they will miss out a discount. Almost all hotels offer a discount for these two groups of people. All of them will provide you up to 20% discount if you are aged 65 or above. The same goes for people who served in the army. All you will have to do is to look for such deals.

  • Make sure you don’t pay for transaction fees

In most cases, you will pay for a service and for a room with a credit card. But, the money you will pay with, must be converted into local currency. This means that you will pay for the transaction fee. Depending on your credit card, this may be a severe amount of money. Is there a solution? Actually, there is.

First of all, look for a credit card without transaction fees. Some have them, but they are still low. The best thing to do is to use third party websites where you can make reservations. By doing this, you won’t pay transaction fees. The best part is the fact this tip is easy to follow and it can be used anywhere in the world.

  • Download and use the app

There are several different apps of this kind on the Google Play and App Store. All of them have one thing in common. They are the last resort hotel managers will use to acquire new clients in order to avoid leaving a room empty during a specific period of time. You probably know what this means. They will offer you amazing deals.

Most experts recommend that hotels in Cebu will lower the prices up to 70% for luxury accommodations. These are however the last-minute deals, so you will have to be careful and to pay attention to the app, all the time! As soon as you get a deal that you like, get it. Tip: You will probably have to pay for breakfast.

  • Look for business hotels

Take a look at the map of Cebu and find a few business hotels. Here is a trick. During the summer months and weekends, these hotels are usually emptier than ordinary hotels. They need people! Maybe you won’t get all the great things as form resort-based hotels, but there is enough room for compromise. All business hotels offer smaller swimming pools and additional possibilities, but all of them are affordable.

Just because you will be located in a business hotel, it doesn’t mean you won’t have any fun. Find the one that is near to the diving spot or a beach you like and you will simply enjoy all the benefits others have. There is also an interesting fact knowing that you stay in a business hotel. It may help you get new friends. Addition: Keep in mind that locals will try to sell you goods. After all, you are a businessman.

map of Cebu

Don’t forget

Don’t forget to try all of these tips and tricks. All of them are obtained from people who spend their life traveling, so they know what they are doing. Each tip here will get you a discount between 10 and 80%! Using a few of them when looking for a room will definitely reduce costs significantly. In other words, you will have money left to stay for a longer period of time in Cebu and to try new things. What to do in Cebu? This is the place entirely focused on relaxation and fun, which means that spending a few times more here is a great thing to do. With our tips, you can!