How Chinese Celebrate New Year In China?

New Year festival is a typical festival that people celebrate around the world but how Chinese celebrate New Year in China? Lunar new year festival or spring festival is an important festival for Chinese. They hold the celebration with various activities in order to get lucky and avoid bad luck in the next year. Since the festival is New Year celebration, it is the first day of the first month on lunar calendar. In China the festival named the Nian festival; it refers to celebrate the upcoming New Year.

In China and other countries where Chinese ethnicity lives, spring festival always held. Red and golden color is the sign of good luck. Chinese decorate their homes with a red lantern, creative ornament and also red couplets. Some money in red envelope spread from married couple to single person or younger relative. Others country like Indonesia has made a Chinese New Year as a public holiday; it helps Chinese to hold the celebration. However, the party is taken for eleven days.

dragon dance

The first day, Chinese welcome the new day begins at night by burning bamboo stick, lighting fireworks, and flaming firecrackers. Those activities they practice to chase away evil spirit. But the most notable of the first day is a moment when the younger family visits the oldest members. They also believe that Buddha was born on that day, so Chinese is prohibited to kill animal. Some also invite lion dancer to practice dance in front of their house. The second day is the time when married woman visit her birth parents, they also do Incense. Some realize that the second day is the birthday of dogs; it makes Chinese remember to treat all dogs well.

The third day or red mouth, Chinese burn paper offering and throw it in the trash. This day is the unlucky day because it is called the Day of the Poor Devil and everybody should stay at their houses. The fourth day, they arrange a spring dinner and their company turn normal. The fifth day or the birthday of god Wealth, they eat Jiaozi or dumplings, and they also shoot off firecrackers to attract Guan Yu; to get a good luck.

The seventh day was the day when Chinese were born; they cannot eat meat as well. The eight day or the birthday of the ruler of heaven, they go to work as usual, and the owner of a store or their boss held a lunch/ dinner for their workers. It reflects their thanks for what employees did. The ninth day, Chinese celebrate the New Year by praying to the Jade emperor for their fortune and even this day is more significant than the first day. Then, Jade’s emperor party is held on the next day.

After having much food during the festival, there is a day when Chinese eat vegetarian food to cleanse their stomach; the thirteenth day.

The last part of the celebration series is lantern festival on the fifteenth day. They meet for eating rice dumpling Tangyuan, and they also lit up candles in front of their houses. Those are a complete series of activity Chinese do when they celebrate Chinese New Year In China.