Find Out What To Expect When You Backpack Through Australia

For many decades, people have adventured through countries of all kinds with nothing but a backpack on their back and a map, if that. One of the best countries to backpack across is Australia, but the one thing that most people forget is this is not like backpacking from a smaller European country with plenty of public transport and quaint little B&B’s along the way. Of course, you can find plenty of cheap hotels in Sydney but if you are going, to rough it then you need to be aware of both size and treachery of the terrain first before you go.


  • Travel with a partner: Even for the seasoned backpacker, this is more than a challenge. Unless you are a survivalist, you probably need to make sure you are used to this type of dessert terrain and also jungle. It relies heavily on whether you are backpacking the coastline or the Outback, which is not for the faint hearted. In fact, it is suggested you go with a group in case one or two of you need help along the way then no one gets left alone.
  • Beware of the wildlife: Australia is home to an abundance of stinging and biting things from spiders and snakes to crocks and other bugs that you have never been exposed to. Read well and thoroughly on this stuff before you venture out.
  • Speaking of wildlife: Aussies love to drink, and it is very in the culture. Be sure you are not stopping into a town when you have had a long adventurous day alone where there is an abundance of pubs and locals who are all drunk and looking for trouble. A lot of drink-driving and other crimes are prevalent there, and only the locals can deal with that so don’t get caught in the middle. You are better off finding hotels in Sydney and starting out again when safe.
  • Hostels: If you can’t find cheap hotels in Sydney then find out before you go about the hostel circuit or what they call Formula 1 hotels. This is the cheapest way to go, and you can benefit in two ways; one is you can map your way from one to the other and two you will meet others doing the same as you, and you can network and share ideas.

In conclusion, backpacking through Australia is a great bucket-list thing to do; just use a little caution, and you will make a memory worth sharing for the rest of your life.